Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thanks to all for St. Paddy's Day Celebration!!

What an awesome party yesterday - Charlie and Tim Derry kicked it off with some of Charlie's originals - thank you Heidi and Ben for a great set.  Wendy Mike was incredible - at the sound of her acapella voice the place got completely quiet.   What a treat to have Kristen back at Deb's ...and Alison, my soulful sister can teach us all to sing the blues!   Mary Jane even sang a verse of Danny Boy.

Thanks to all the band guys - Marty, Shug, Rick (awesome sax solo) and Stan for playing for 7 hours straight -  :) 

Thanks to all our friends, family, extended family, grandkids, great grandkids - you are all amazing and it was so good to see your smiling faces!!

High Wheeler!


Thanks for your interest in High Wheeler. We are a country band based in Colorado Springs. You can see us regularly at Diamond Debs Bar on Saturday nights.

To book the band, contact Charla at